What drew me to art

After some thought, I have determined that my scrawny, generic blog bio doesn’t quite paint my full portrait (see what I did there). Thus, as my first blog post I will be talking even more about myself. I know, I know, it’s very exciting so try to contain yourselves.

A quirky combination of Nicole and Fred’s DNA produced what you know today as, well, me. Being the middle child, I like to consider myself the cream between the Oreo cookie, a.k.a the best part. Wait, scratch that: the best part of any family is obviously the dogs -Cookie and Mushu.

Although born a “California girl,” I’ve been raised also a “Swiss miss.” Every summer, my family and I travel to Switzerland to see the rest of my family -aunts and uncles, grandparents, and close friends. Consequently I speak both English and French, and proudly embrace my dual nationality. My Swiss-ness has exposed me to an abundance of fondue, chocolate, mountains, and museums; my American-ness has introduced me to the dreaminess of burgers, Mexican food, beaches, and more museums. Never before have Hannah Montana’s noble words, “You get the besssst of both worlds” resonated so strongly with me.

35mm original

Cows in the Lowland, Emil Nolde (1909) LACMA Collection

This mix of atmospheres and cultures formed the foundation of my attraction towards art. My first art history course during junior year of high school built off of my initial interest, and transformed it into a full-blown, uncontrollable passion. I learned that more than just being capable of sharing cultures, art can also convey time periods, art movements, and even personal sentiments. Just like biology can range from ecosystem to organism to cell to atom, art, too, can become infinitely minimized or maximized.

Art-ception indeed!

Call me a nerd, but my heart flutters when I walk into the “Arts” section of the bookstore. It skips a beat when a museum announces a new exhibition. I become giddy when I listen to people argue over art and its meanings; I find it is one of the best ways to get to know someone. In other words, art has the power to speak and create conversation. Hence, my fashion-forward, avant-garde title ArtSpeak. What, me? Pompous? Never.

If you are also an art enthusiast, huzzah! I hope my future posts will interest you and that we can carry on insightful discussions.

If you are certain that art is not at all your cup of tea, give me a chance. Revisit my blog now and then. Maybe, just maybe, I can show you that art isn’t just your cup of tea, but a steamy cup of hot chocolate on a snowy Saturday morning.

P.S. We never get snow in California, I just made that up to sound cool

Header image: Vincent Van Gogh, Boats at Sea (1888)



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